• Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) Engineering services for Plant operator companies
  • Industrial and process automation system’s integration services for production and maintenance groups
  • IIoT, Industry 4.0 Enterprise Level Data Integration services (Plant floor to Corporate Level) to provide production data to planning analysts and enterprise level higher management for planning and decision making. Remote data provisioning, Plant data to mobile devices
  • Wiring, manufacturing, Staging, FAT of Control Panels, System Cabinets, Marshalling Cabinets, Control Room equipment, Operator ESD Level 0 & PSD Consoles, Fire water pump panel Integration with SiS, Manual Deluge Panel integration with SiS
  • Commissioning and Startup services for Control System Projects
    Documentation and data Maintenance services for production and maintenance departments
  • Long Term Plant ICSS Maintenance support to assist production and maintenance departments
  • End user, Maintenance and operation personnel’s trainings on ICSS
  • CAD 2D/3D Design Drafting, Pharmaceutical Validation documentation per 21CFRPart11, FAT, SAT documentation


  • Conception
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Engineering Design, Drawings, Documentation, Panel Integration & Manufacturing, FAT/Staging
  • Pre Commissioning/SAT
  • Commissioning
  • Start Up
  • Annual Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Specialized Trainings


Control Systems for Oil & Gas

  • DCS: Process Control Systems for Crude/Gas/GTL processing
  • SiS: Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • SiS: Fire & Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems
  • SCADA for On/Of shore Facilities (GTL, Refineries, Well Heads, RTUs & MTUs)
  • Offshore Top sides, GS, Jackets
  • FPSOs & FSOs
  • SCADA Systems for O&G, Pipelines, Terminals, RTUs/MTUs


OEM Manufacturing Process Automation

  • Boiler Automation
  • Compressors Automation and DCS communications
  • Turbines Contro, ESD,  Fire & Gas Detection & Monitoring Systems
  • Furnace Automation


Food, Pharma & Sugar Industry

  • Pharma Manufacturing Lines, Autoclave, Distillation/RO water, Bottlepack filling machine, Powder, Containment, BIO related automation
  • Autocane Feeding System for Mills
  • Continious/Batch Pan Automation
  • Boiler, FFE, Talofloc, Centrifugal, Refine, Condensor Automation
  • CIP/SIP Skids, Wastewater, RO water skids, Food Manufacturing lines Automation


Industry Base

  • O & G (Up, Mid, Down Steram, Distribution, Petrochem, GTL, Offshore, FPSO, Terminals)
  • Glass, Cement, General Manufacturing
  • Food, Sugar & Pharmaceutical
  • Power
  • Fertilizers
  • OEM Industry

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