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We provide construction support through plan clarification, contractor and field surveyor coordination, and as-needed plan revision


Our unwavering focus on delivering increased plant efficiency and productivity to our clients remains at the centre of all our solutions.


Our resume is proof of our experience and expertise in automation solutions in a diverse assortment of industries.


Our strength is our partnerships with likeminded people who share our vision and believe in our core values.


We provide construction support through plan clarification, contractor and field surveyor coordination, and as-needed plan revision
Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our diverse project list includes engineering buildings and manufacturing structures

Energy Audit & Power Plants Efficiency Calculations

Flux Engineering is NEECA certified Energy Auditing firm as well as proud to have ISO 50001 Certified Energy Management Capabilities. Flux Engineering has conducted Energy Audits of more than 200 Manufacturing units.

The tentative activities carried out are as follows: Electrical System Audit At Main Metering Panel LV side:
  1. Verification of Meter Reading
  2. Electricity Bill/Genset Fuel Analysis from historical data
  3. Verification of Documents
3.1. Verification of Single Line Diagram 3.2. Electricity Metering record 3.3. Maintenance Schedules 3.4. Fitness Certificate of Transformer 3.5. Fitness Certificate of Generators 3.6. List of Electrical Staff & competency certificate
  1. Transformers physical inspection and testing report analysis
  2. Main Distribution Panel
  3. Generators
  4. Harmonics Analysis
  At Transformers:
  1. Load Analysis of Transformers
  2. Over/Under loading
  3. Load Unbalances & Current Leakages
  4. Harmonics Analysis
  At Generators:
  1. Analysis of Generators
  2. Fuel Efficiency from historical data
  3. Frequency Test
  Synchronization System:
  1. Evaluation of Synchronization System
  2. Synchronization Controls and Configurations
  3. Energy Saving opportunities
  At LV Distribution Panels:
  1. Power Distribution Analysis
  2. Power Factor Control
  3. Load Distribution
  4. Unbalanced Loads
  5. Neutral Load
  6. Harmonics Analysis
  At Major Motors & Loads:
  1. Power Consumption
  2. MCC, Drives, Controls
  3. Operator Procedure
  4. Load Analysis
  5. Energy Saving Opportunities
Water Turbines & Pumps:
  1. Water Turbines & Pumps for Water Supply
  2. Controls
  3. Review of system for Water Flow & Pressure Analysis
  4. Load Analysis
  At Air Blowers & Exhausts:
  1. Air analysis
  2. Valves & Dampers Analysis
  3. Provisions for AC drives to control flow through valves & dampers
  4. Energy Saving Opportunities
  Automation System:
  1. System Architecture
  2. Operator interfaces with reference to Energy & Production Cost
  3. Online monitoring, analysis & control systems
  4. Production cost measurements analysis
  Lighting System
  1. Measurement of light Intensity at all offices and electrical/equipment rooms
  2. Energy Efficient lights
  3. Light controls
  Review of Maintenance Program & Schedule
  1. Electrical Maintenance Program & Schedule
  2. Addition for Energy Saving points
  3. Possible Control Loops, Configurations and Speed Controls for Energy Saving
  4. Review of Work practices
  5. Reactive, Breakdown, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  Energy Management System:  
  1. Existing Energy Management System (Manual or Digital)
  2. Recommended Energy Management System
  3. Setting Energy Saving Targets
  4. KPIs of production, electrical and maintenance departments with respect to energy cost
  Risk Factors & Hazardous Areas
  1. Electrical Operations and Safety Signage
  2. Hazardous Area Classification & Signage
  3. Tagging & Labeling of Electrical System
  4. Safety SOPs
  5. Risk Factors analysis on visual & physical inspection
  6. Trainings review of the personnel working at work place for safety aspects, safe behavior and effective use of equipment’s to avoid any incident/accident.
  7. Electrical Safety findings, suggested actions & recommendations
  8. Personal & Equipment safety
  9. Comply with statutory regulations and standards for controlling the risks.
  10. Review of previous accidents and incidents
Best Practices of Energy Management:
  1. Best Practices for Energy Saving & Management
  Action Plan:
  1. Action Plan in consultation with clients Technical Team
  Compressed Air System   Compressor Rooms:
  1. Compressed Air System Evaluation
  2. Compressor Room layout and design evaluation
  3. On-load/Off-load control
  4. Compressors’ control and cascaded control evaluation
  5. Air Reservoir Tanks evaluation
  6. Filters, Valves, Pressure Transmitters evaluation
  7. Power Consumption
  8. Pressure control of Air
  9. Physical inspection
  10. Header layouts evaluation
  11. Energy Saving Opportunities in Compressed Air System
  12. HVAC measurements (Ambient)
  13. HVAC measurements (Production)
    Cooling Towers:
  1. Cooling Towers
  2. Floating point controls
  1. Chillers Controls
  2. Ambient controls
  3. Temp., Humidity
  4. Action Plan
    Energy Savings in Production   Production Machines:
  1. Production Machines and their operations
  2. Review of historical Utilities Cost in Production
  3. Energy Saving opportunities
  Process Controls:
  1. Analysis of Process Control
  2. Review of historical Utilities Cost in Production
  3. Controls of Motors, Fans, Pumps, Blowers, Conveyers etc
  4. Energy Saving opportunities
  Production Measurement:
  1. Analysis of Utilities Cost in Production
  2. Energy Saving Opportunities in Production Areas
  3. Assessment of EnPIs of Production staff
  4. Power Measurement at Machines Analysis
  5. Energy Saving Opportunities
      Associated Services as per the requirements   Training:
  1. Training on Energy Management
  2. Certificates of training for ownership, motivation and official responsibility
      Energy Management Team:
  1. A cross-functional team will be formed to implement action pan and continuously set and achieve Energy Saving Targets.
  Implementation Support:
  1. One Month full support for implementation of Action Plan on Energy Saving Opportunities
  HR and Best Practices   HR:
  1. KPIs of departments & personals with regards to production cost and energy saving
  2. Performance evaluation techniques
  3. Tools and equipments evaluation
  4. Personnels trainings evaluation
  5. Contribution of departments in energy saving and production cost saving
  6. Incentives etc
  1. KPIs with regards to energy saving
  2. Energy policy
  3. Review and implementation timeline for Energy Audit Action Plan
  4. Vision and support needed by higher management
    Trainings   Trainings:
  1. “Energy Management” Training to your Technical & Production Team
  2. “Maintenance Management” training to your staff
  3. Session for implementation of Energy Audit Action Plan
  Furthermore the following services are also performed   Power Plant Efficiency Calculations
  • Fuel ultimate and proximate analysis data collection
  • Monitoring of fuel to air ratio
  • Monitoring of flue gas temperature
  • Water quality analysis
  • Calculation of loses
  • Calculation of efficiency
  Electrical Design/ Planning
  • Load flow analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Transient stability analysis
  • Motor-starting analysis
  • PF improvement analysis
  • Relays coordination analysis
  • Harmonics analysis
  • Arc flash study
  • etc

Electrical Design and Planning Services

Flux Engineering electrical design team continues to focus on quality, reliability, safety, economy and sustainable solutions. Our advanced expertise and knowledge of engineering principals affords us the ability to design the solution for your project. Electrical engineers are involved in projects from the concept and to implementation of the design. We have the technical knowledge and expertise required to handle large, complex projects to small projects. We have earned a reputation as an experienced and innovative leader in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design. Following are the services we provide regarding our electrical abilities: Electrical Scope of Works We shall provide the following: Provide preliminary electrical plans for Client’s consideration. After Client’s approval and incorporate amendments (if any) provide electrical layout plans which includes: General Illumination Plans:-
  1. Standard Illumination.
  2. Standing, suspended lamp lights.
  3. PLCE/LED/SMD & HPIT Lights Layout.
Specific Illumination Plans:-
  1. Indirect Lighting.
  2. Landscape Illumination.
  3. External Illumination (Single/Double Arm, Architecture Poles, Bollard, Green Area Illumination).
Raw Power Plans:-
  1. Raw power layout.
  2. UPS power layout.
  3. Stabilized power management plan.
Cable Trunking System:-
  1. Cable Tray Arrangements layout.
  2. Cable Ladder layout.
Cable & Conduit System:-
  1. Cable Sizing.
  2. Conduit Run Plans.
Close Circuit Monitoring System:-
  1. Dome/Fixed Cameras Plan.
  2. PTZ / Spy Cameras Plan.
  3. CNC control & uploading.
Music/Public Address Layout Plans:-
  1. Public addressing / Voice Evacuee System.
  2. Music (Stereo) System Planning.
Fire Alarming Plans:-
  1. Smoke/Heat/Gas Detection System.
Safety & Security System:-
  1. Burglar Alarming.
  2. Bio-Metric Registration System.
  3. Passive Infra-Red Switching.
Electrical Switchgear System:-
  1. Electrical LT Distribution & Panel Boards Sizing.
  2. Synchronizing Switchgear Sizing.
  3. Bus Coupler Sizing.
Lightning Protection System:-
  1. Lightening steamer / Copper Meshing Layout.
  2. Copper Cage Layout at Top Floor.
  3. Lightning Arrestor Layout.
Emergency/Gen/UPS Lighting Plans:-
  1. Emergency Lighting System.
  2. Egress -Escape/Exit Control Lighting Plans.
Redundancy Supply Plans:-
  1. Automatic Standby System.
  2. Synchronizing Plans (if necessary).
Earthing System:-
  1. To plan appropriate earthing demarcation and arrangement as per international codes and practices.
  2. Provide Single Line Diagrams of electrical distribution system.
  3. Energy Management by using Occupancy Sensors, Circuit Distributor (If necessary) & Dual Source Metering

Industrial Automation Solutions

  • Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) Engineering services for Plant operator companies
  • Industrial and process automation system's integration services for production and maintenance groups
  • IIoT, Industry 4.0 Enterprise Level Data Integration services (Plant floor to Corporate Level) to provide production data to planning analysts and enterprise level higher management for planning and decision making. Remote data provisioning, Plant data to mobile devices
  • Wiring, manufacturing, Staging, FAT of Control Panels, System Cabinets, Marshalling Cabinets, Control Room equipment, Operator ESD Level 0 & PSD Consoles, Fire water pump panel Integration with SiS, Manual Deluge Panel integration with SiS
  • Commissioning and Startup services for Control System Projects Documentation and data Maintenance services for production and maintenance departments
  • Long Term Plant ICSS Maintenance support to assist production and maintenance departments
  • End user, Maintenance and operation personnel's trainings on ICSS
  • CAD 2D/3D Design Drafting, Pharmaceutical Validation documentation per 21CFRPart11, FAT, SAT documentation
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Engineering Design, Drawings, Documentation, Panel Integration & Manufacturing, FAT/Staging
  • Pre Commissioning/SAT
  • Commissioning
  • Start Up
  • Annual Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Specialized Trainings
  Control Systems for Oil & Gas
  • DCS: Process Control Systems for Crude/Gas/GTL processing
  • SiS: Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • SiS: Fire & Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems
  • SCADA for On/Of shore Facilities (GTL, Refineries, Well Heads, RTUs & MTUs)
  • Offshore Top sides, GS, Jackets
  • FPSOs & FSOs
  • SCADA Systems for O&G, Pipelines, Terminals, RTUs/MTUs
  OEM Manufacturing Process Automation
  • Boiler Automation
  • Compressors Automation and DCS communications
  • Turbines Contro, ESD,  Fire & Gas Detection & Monitoring Systems
  • Furnace Automation
  Food, Pharma & Sugar Industry
  • Pharma Manufacturing Lines, Autoclave, Distillation/RO water, Bottlepack filling machine, Powder, Containment, BIO related automation
  • Autocane Feeding System for Mills
  • Continious/Batch Pan Automation
  • Boiler, FFE, Talofloc, Centrifugal, Refine, Condensor Automation
  • CIP/SIP Skids, Wastewater, RO water skids, Food Manufacturing lines Automation
  Industry Base
  • O & G (Up, Mid, Down Steram, Distribution, Petrochem, GTL, Offshore, FPSO, Terminals)
  • Glass, Cement, General Manufacturing
  • Food, Sugar & Pharmaceutical
  • Power
  • Fertilizers
  • OEM Industry

Building Management Systems (BMS)


Building Management Systems (BMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS) is a computer-based control system that is installed in buildings to control and monitor the entire building’s electrical and mechanical equipment i.e. ventilation, power systems, lighting, fire systems as well as security systems. An intelligent BMS system consists of software and hardware. The software program is configured in a hierarchical manner while using protocols such as C-Bus, Profibus, and so on. The entire installation and design of BMS require an expert team that ensures the smooth working of BMS.  


Flux Engineering is partnered with the world’s top-notch company Johnson Controls and Crestron for the past decade for the Building Management Systems in Pakistan. Our company’s line of BMS includes a list of products for almost every control need, from a remedy for a problem area in the existing building to a comprehensive system for a major complex site. With our experience in the field and endless support of Johnson Controls, Flux Engineering offers BMS design and consultation services. Our BMS features include:  
Work method, technology and human resources

A strong experience in engineering

To passionately grow to be the leader of engineered solutions through the inspired development of our teams by delivering the forthcoming value to our customers

Our mission is to provide our customers with value through the provisioning of engineering services, procurement, construction, operation and management of infrastructure and power projects. We consider the empowerment of our human resources to be fundamental in building a permanent knowledge base.


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